Customer Sales and Support Bot for Bharat

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Helping Habuild automate customer and sales leveraging Gen AI

Challenge Overview
  • High Volume of Inquiries: Habuild faced over 50,000 customer inquiries per day, demanding significant resources.
  • High Cost of Service: Each inquiry cost INR 10, leading to substantial operational expenses.
  • Language Diversity: A significant portion of their customers communicated in various vernacular languages, necessitating a versatile response system.
  • Multi-Agent AI System: Developed a sophisticated multi-agent system comprising seven distinct agents to classify and respond to queries efficiently.
  • Intent-Based Search Engine: At the core of the solution was an intent-based search mechanism designed to accurately ascertain user intent and tailor responses.
  • Integrated Nexus and Streamline Technologies: Leveraged Nexus for its advanced query decomposition and Streamline for data structuring, ensuring seamless operation and high efficiency.