Empowering CEOs with Apperture’s Knowledge Bot

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Reimagining how Redseer’s clients interact with their proprietary data

Challenge Overview
1. Underutilized Tool

Redseer’s product, “Benchmark,” offering proprietary data, was not being actively used by CXOs and middle management.

2. Data Interaction

The predominant action by most analysts was merely downloading data, indicating a lack of engagement with the product.

1.Innovative Bot Interface

Development of a user-friendly bot, enabling interaction with data ranging from simple to complex analytics questions, accessible via Slack, Teams, or WhatsApp.

2. Making Data AI ready

Utilized 'Streamline' to efficiently transform structured and unstructured data into a format ready for AI applications. This included integrating data from databases, articles, analyst/annual reports, and documents.

3. Advanced Query System with Nexus

Employed 'Nexus' with its core capability of query decomposition to precisely identify user intent and effectively break down queries, enhancing the data interaction experience.