Reimagining Data Infrastructure for Hyper-Growth

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leveraging low-code and cost-effective data infrastructure solutions to manage hyper-growth effectively

Challenge Overview
  • Dispersed Data: Wiom’s rapid expansion led to data silos across multiple platforms, lacking a unified structure and strategy.
  • Real-Time Data for Apps: Both internal and external applications required a real-time data warehousing solution.
  • Cost Constraints: Despite the need for an upgraded infrastructure, Wiom was determined to stay within strict budgetary limits.
  • Complex Customer Journeys: With both online and offline business components, Wiom needed to develop comprehensive customer models to better direct their sales and marketing efforts.

  • Unified Data Infrastructure: Apperture’s low-code data connectors and transformation layers were deployed to bridge siloed data, creating a modern, scalable stack.
  • Real-Time Data Warehousing: Integrated real-time data solutions to ensure that both internal and external applications had immediate access to necessary data.
  • Cost-Efficient Scaling: Leveraged cost-effective technologies like Clickhouse and Amazon S3 to build a data warehouse that met financial constraints.
  • Customer Journey Insights: Constructed detailed customer models, offering a full view of complex user journeys to inform and enhance sales and marketing strategies.